Chief, sheriff respond to sexual assaults, carjackings

Feb. 20, 2013 @ 07:01 PM

The full text of a statement from Henderson Police Chief Keith Sidwell and Vance County Sheriff Peter White on recent carjackings and sexual assaults:

The Henderson Police Department would like to take this opportunity to inform all citizens throughout Henderson and Vance County that recent events resulting in three car-jackings and one sexual assault have been accurately reported to the media. The three incidents that occurred within the City of Henderson were on January 24th 2013, February 11th 2013, and February 14th, 2013.

Both the Police Department and the Sheriff's Department have been bombarded with telephone calls, emails, etc. from  citizens making outlandish claims that they have read this or that on Facebook, etc. regarding a plethora of incidents. What has been reported by your Police and Sheriff's departments is accurate. There are those unfortunate people that have chosen unwisely to spread horrid rumors; making up offenses that have not occurred. This has sent people into a panic. I would caution our citizens and remind them of the Allstate commercial where a young woman is speaking to a man regarding the internet, saying "it has to be true if it's on the internet".

I implore you to use good common sense judgment here and realize that there are those in the community that thrive on chaos and mis-direction. As always, the law enforcement professionals of Henderson and Vance County will answer questions as long as the answers do not compromise the investigative process. Keep in mind that time spent quashing falsehoods and rumors is time taken away from catching the persons committing these crimes.

Please assist your law enforcement agencies by reporting anything that may be of help in solving these crimes. Callers may contact the Henderson Police Department at 252-438-4141 or Crime Stoppers 252-492-1925. Thank you for working with the Henderson Police Department.