Autopsy report released in September murder

Feb. 06, 2013 @ 06:46 PM

WARRENTON — An autopsy report released Wednesday in the Sept. 28 stabbing death of Corey Jamel Robinson in Warren County certified the cause of death as a large knife wound to the left chest that pierced the heart.

Charged with second-degree murder in the death is 58-year-old Harold Lastly Plummer, whose case skipped the normal process of general hearings on motions and plea offers directly to the trial preparation phase last week.

Plummer is charged with killing Robinson at a family gathering in the Macon area at 297 Kimball Point Road. Warren County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested him at about 3 a.m. the next morning at his 289 Kimball Point residence.

The autopsy report signed by Dr. Clay Nichols stated the stab wound to the left chest penetrated between the left fifth and sixth ribs and pierced the heart at the left ventricle.

Absent are any signs of struggle, such as defensive wounds to try to stave off an attack. The knife entry point was gaping, measuring 3-by-1 inch in greatest diameters according to the written narrative.

“Associated with this wound is a 2-inch knife tip drag mark located at approximately the 9 o’clock position of the stab wound,” the autopsy narrative states.

Nichols stated that of interest was a four-inch scar from a prior injury to the right chest roughly equal to the linear positioning of the gaping fatal stab wound leftward that was sustained Sept. 28.

Nichols concluded Robinson died from the stab wound to the left chest, and added that deputies investigating the incident reported to him that Robinson was stabbed by “an uncle” during a family dinner.

There was no indication that Robinson had any alcoholic beverages in his system, according to Nichols.

Plummer appeared in Warren County Superior Court Jan. 28 for a brief hearing on Assistant District Attorney William J. Williamson’s request for the case to proceed to trial phases as “exceptional.”

Williamson said, “That is routinely what we do,” in cases of murder, because of complex issues that are normally a part of prosecuting the more serious charges.

Plummer had been released on bond set at $100,000 in an earlier hearing.

Plummer’s court-appointed attorney is Lewis A. “Al” Thompson III.

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