Chase ends with one suspect shot to death

Dec. 31, 2013 @ 01:58 PM

Ricky Junior Toney was shot to death in a shootout involving Vance County sheriff’s deputies Tuesday morning.

Toney, 34, was wanted along with his brother, Joey Kearney, in connection to a double-murder at 1755 West River Road in Franklinton early Tuesday morning. Vance deputies also wanted to speak with Toney regarding the shooting death of Roger Tant, who was found in Vance County Dec. 22 and believed to have been shot Dec. 19.

Kearney was taken to Franklin Medical Center with unspecified injuries.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Jerry Jones, deputies from responded to the West River Road location after receiving a 911 call about 2:30 Tuesday morning. When the call was interrupted, deputies went to the scene and discovered a mother and daughter, Akeisha Jones and 15-year-old Briana Jones, slain.

The victims are not related to the sheriff.

A vehicle description was put out and Vance deputies located it, leading to the chase that ended on Smith Road in Warren County.

According to Sheriff Jones, sexual assault complaints had been filed against Toney and Kearney.