Project Lift claims title in Virginia

Jul. 02, 2014 @ 09:21 PM

The Project Lift weightlifting team, based in Henderson, recently competed in the 11th Amateur Athletic Union East Coast Regional Bench Press Championships in Richmond, Virginia.

Project Lift won the overall youth team championship and qualified for the AAU Junior Olympics next summer in Virginia Beach.

The team is coached by William Hawkins, Harold Davis, Darnell Lewis, Wanda Burwell, Lewis Brodie, Jeanette Bell, Casey Orr, John Dailey, and Bobby Jones.

Contact William Hawkins for more information on Project Lift at (252) 915-9825 or (252) 438-1825.

Male Division

— Jovan Ragland: first, 66-pound class (ages 6-7); 53-pound bench
— Jordan Hargrove: second, 66-pound class (ages 6-7); 33-pound bench
— Benjamin Watson: first, 66-pound class (ages 8-9); 49.5-bench
— Demartez Taylor: first, 77-pound class (ages 8-9); 44-pound bench
— K’Veon Taylor: first, 77-pound class (ages 10-12); 60.5-bench
— Alex Polanco: set record in 88-pound class (ages 10-11) with 49.5-pound bench
— Bryson Rhodes: first, 97-pound class; 60.5-pound bench
— William Hawkins IV: first, 97-pound class (ages 10-11); record-setting 89-pound bench
— Demonte Southerland: first, 123-pound class (ages 14-15); 132-pound bench
— Messiah Ragland: second, 123-pound class (ages 14-15); 99-pound bench
— Damion Harris: first (won tiebreaker), 148-pound class (ages 10-11); 88-pound bench
— Darrnez Taylor: second (lost tiebreaker), 148-pound class (ages 10-11); 88-pound bench
— Seth Walker: first, 165-pound class (ages 10-11); record-setting 104-pound bench
— Tre’John Dailey: second, 165-pound class (ages 10-11); 82.5-pound bench
— Sy’Merrious Keith: first, 181-pound class (ages 12-13); 115-pound bench
— Jacquan Seward: second, 198-pound class (ages 14-15); 93-pound bench
— William Douglas: first, 198-pound class (ages 18-19); 234-pound bench
— Jordan Howard: first, 220-pound class (ages 14-15); 226-pound bench
— Roosevelt Perry: first, 275-pound class (ages 14-15); 148-pound bench

Female Division
— Jetta Mangum: first, 66-pound class (ages 6-7); 33-pound bench
— Jasmine Davis: record-setting 71-pound bench in 148-pound class (ages 12-13)
— Taliah Jones: record-setting 182-pound bench in 220-pound class (ages 18-19)