Another near miss in weekend series

Jun. 01, 2013 @ 09:45 PM

This past weekend was another near miss for me on the Bassmasters Weekend Series trail on Kerr Lake. I finished in seventh place and the top-six earned a check.

I culled several times while landing fish on a combination of top water lures (bone zara spook), crankbaits (No. 6 bass fat free shad), and Carolina-rigged green pumpkin trick worms.

My co-angler, Mike Jessup of King, finished in fourth place and was less than a pound from first. I told Mike that my co-anglers usually do well in these tournaments. One more good fish for either of us could have put us in the winner’s seat.

Sunday I competed in Brandon Gray’s tournament on Kerr with Northern Vance student Joseph Sharpe. Joseph lives at Kerr Lake and loves to fish. He caught our largest fish of the day swimming a white jig and was a very good fisherman, especially for a 16-year-old. If only I’d stayed focused on fishing like he is when I was 16.

This upcoming weekend I’m fishing on Kerr Lake but not in any tournaments. Saturday, we are having the Frazier family reunion or I would be entered in the Boys and Girls Club event, but I do plan to be at the weigh-in.

Kerr Lake fishing report – Bass are moving into a post spawn feeding mode and can be landed using a number of techniques. Shad were spawning in the bushes providing a good early morning top-water bite on a Pop’R worked around buck brush and willows.

Upcoming area tournaments – Next weekend I’m fishing in a BFL tournament on Badin Lake. The following weekend (June 15-16) there’s an ABA Couples event on Kerr Saturday and Brandon Gray’s fourth tournament of the year on Sunday.

Next week’s report – Results from the Boys and Girls tournament from Kerr Lake and Frazier family reunion update. My cousin Karen Denise Walker from Vermont is coming to stay with us and we should catch some nice fish on Kerr Lake.

Tip of the week — Don’t forget to keep an assortment of treble hooks with you so you can replace the ones on your crankbaits if needed. Often the hooks dull from hitting the bottom or rocks and a quick change will often prevent a lost fish. See Ronnie Currin at Vanco Marine and pick up some No. 6s, 4s and 2s to cover most bait sizes.

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