Brown closing door for now on playing in NFL again

Jul. 18, 2014 @ 10:42 PM

Jason Brown would like to say he is officially retired, but he had a hard time getting those words out.

Brown believes he has nothing left to prove on the football field although the urge to suit up again hit him at least as recently as last year.

So is he really done?

“Every once in a while,” Brown said Friday at Freedom Life Church, “I’ll still get one of those crazy ideas. ‘Hey, get in shape and go join someone’s training camp.’ Everyone has those feelings of wanting to come back. The feeling is they have more to prove. I had a wonderful and successful career. I’ve done everything that I wanted to do.”

The former Northern Vance and UNC offensive lineman played four seasons with the Ravens and three with the Rams before stepping away from football in 2011.

Brown, who recently celebrated his 31st birthday, had opportunities to sign with teams in 2012, but declined.

Before last season, he started weighing his options again.

“If I came back, it wouldn’t be this year,” said Brown. “It would be for the 2015 season.”

That’s a big “if” for Brown, who added that football has never been his dream job. He loved the game, but used it to further his education before taking a business-like approach as a professional.

Brown said he’s in good health and wants to keep it that way before it’s too late, as it is for many of his football friends battling injuries from a game that often proves brutal.

Brown plans to spend Saturday gleaning cucumbers at his Franklin County farm. The expected massive product will go to area food banks.

“That’s much more rewarding than me selfishly going back to pursue football,” said Brown. “It’s all about faith and family right now.”

The “if” quickly changed to Brown shutting the figurative door on rejoining the NFL.

“Yes, the door is closed,” said Brown.

But he didn’t seem to slam it.

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