Maces win Angler’s Choice event on Kerr Lake

May. 04, 2013 @ 09:06 PM

Last weekend I fished with Tyler Purcell from Townsville in both Angler’s Choice tournaments on Kerr Lake.

There were 175 teams competing in the Virginia division on Saturday and Tyler and I finished in the middle of the pack with three fish weighing 6 pounds even. 

It was a slow day for us until around 1 p.m. when we started seeing fish on beds down near Nutbush Bridge. We were able to catch a couple of the smaller males but the larger females we saw wouldn’t bite.

The event was won by Ryan and Wayne Mace with five fish weighing 18.41 pounds. This is yet another nice catch on Kerr indicating that the lake continues to recover from the largemouth bass virus that has impacted the fishery in recent years. I heard they caught their fish up in one of the rivers. 

Mark Robertson and Keith Joyce caught the biggest fish of the day on their first cast weighing 5.8 pounds.

Another tournament held on Kerr Saturday, the Piedmont Bass Classics, had a similar top weight with Jay Garrard of Durham and Mark Herndon from Bahama bringing in five bass that hit 17.96 pounds.

Sunday’s winners of the N.C. division in the Angler’s Choice were Dennis Reedy and Jeffrey Thomas with a bag weighing almost 15 pounds. I didn’t hear how they caught them but do know that both fellows love to throw spinnerbaits and top water lures.

There were 75 boats in the event Sunday. Fishing for Tyler and I went from bad to worse, and we only caught one fish all day that was around 10 inches long.

To add insult to injury, Tyler hooked into a giant fish with only a few moments to go, but it turned out to be a 20-pound blue catfish that somehow got hooked in the tail on a plastic worm. 

It was a real struggle for us all day and I look forward to when the spawning season wraps up and fish become more predictable. I seem to do a lot better in the early spring and during summer/fall.

Kerr Lake fishing report – Largemouth bass continue to spawn in the bushes. Soon the fish that spawned earlier in the year should begin hitting top water lures and crankbaits. 

Upcoming area tournaments – I don’t show any events scheduled close by next weekend. I am heading to the coast to spend a few days camping on the beach with wife Susan and our grandson, John II.

Next week’s report – I plan to spend Saturday figuring out where the fish are biting on Kerr Lake in preparation for Sunday’s CATT trail event. I should have a good report for next week.

Tip of the week — Try rigging a trick or floating worm with the hook threaded so that it is in the middle of the worm. You will get a lot more erratic action which seems to work well on post spawn bass.

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