Slow weekend of fishing at Belews Creek

Feb. 10, 2013 @ 01:12 AM

Fishing was slow last weekend for me on Belews Creek Lake. I had hoped to get to Kerr Lake and do some striper and bass fishing, but unplanned work obligations and other distractions prevented me from getting there like I’d planned.

I did get to fish on Belews for a few hours Sunday before heading home to prepare the Super Bowl junk food feast. I only had one bite though and had that fish on for a second, but somehow lost it.

Checking my hook, it turned out the point was bent over, which sometimes happens if the hook tries to go through the hard, bony part of a big bass’s mouth.

It did feel like a big bass, but since I never saw anything, it could just as well been a giant squid.

This weekend I will be switching gears and heading to the mountains to go grouse hunting (or was it snipe?). Either way, my assignment is to hide beside the trail with a burlap sack and wait for the birds to run by.

Then I am supposed to jump out and catch them in the bag.

Actually I am hunting with experienced guide, Josh Swaim, who has spent many years hunting birds of all types across the nation. He has some of the finest bird dogs available, and we plan to hunt for two days in the Pisgah National Forest near Minneapolis.

We are gunning for grouse which are in season through the end of February. We may jump a woodcock, but cannot shoot as the season on them went out at the end of January. The daily limit for grouse is three, so hopefully I can bring home enough to cook up a nice meal.

We will surely be worn out after two days of strenuous hunting in the mountains, so Sunday I plan to meet a friend who is in town from Poland for lunch (no joke) and then spend the rest of the day preparing my fishing equipment for the start of the bass tournament season which starts up next week with Susan and I competing in a couples event at Hyco Lake.

Kerr Lake fishing report – Didn’t get to Kerr like I planned due to work (contrary to what some people think I do have a public job), but the word was that fishing was very slow there also.

Next week’s report – Bird hunting report from the valleys around Grandfather Mountain. I am doing a story for a regional publication on grouse hunting and will be shooting with a camera and a shotgun.

Tip of the week — Check out the new Freedom jigs soon to be available at Vanco Outdoor. These jigs are coming in from Canada and have a lot of unique characteristics that the bass around here haven’t seen before.

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