On the Water: Keeper away from prize money

Apr. 19, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

Well I did it again last weekend.

Yep, you guessed it: I wound up fifth place, one position out of the money in yet another bass tournament.

The Raleigh Bass Anglers held its monthly bass club tournament on Kerr Lake and I came in with four fish weighing 9.10 pounds, which was 0.1 pounds less than the fourth-place finisher.

I don’t have the top finishers’ names as they haven’t been posted yet. The first-place angler had almost 16 pounds and reported catching 17 keepers from one small cove off the main lake.

One more keeper of any size (at least one over 0.1 pounds) would have at least won my entry fee back and covered part of the gas cost.

One good thing about the day was that my largest bass of the day picked up a jig while I fished right in front of our house near Nutbush Bridge as my wife, Susan, and grandson, John II, watched.

Last Saturday, John and I enjoyed fishing for a few hours before heading to an afternoon Easter egg hunt at the Kerr Lake Country Club.

We enjoyed scrambling for eggs (not scrambled eggs) and John got his sugar fix when we got home.

Then, we grilled cheeseburgers with his Nana and his great granddad, my dad Johnny Bowen. John is 5-years-old now and can cast a crankbait like a pro. I still haven’t put hooks on his lures yet though.

Kerr Lake fishing report — bass are spawning all over the lake, with good catches coming to the scales in local tournaments. Crappie fishing is also hot right now with local tackle shops reporting having a hard time keeping up with the demand for minnows.

Upcoming area tournaments — The Warren County Bass Club tourney will be held on Kerr Lake April 26. They always welcome new anglers and anyone looking for a small, affordable, fun club tournament should contact Joseph Sharpe at (919) 725-2620 or email joseph.sharpe99@gmail.com.

You must be a member to fish which is $40 for the year. Entry fee is $50 for a team or $25 for an individual, and you must have at least one existing member in the boat in your first tournament.

There’s also a Walmart BFL event that day launching from the Nutbush Ramp. Get details at flwoutdoors.com.

Next week’s report — WCBC and BFL tournament results and my practice report from the James River.

Tip of the week — use lighter wire hooks on a Carolina rig to allow the plastic lure to float freely above the bottom, providing more action which in turns gets more interest from the bass.

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