Lesson learned as another big one gets away

Jun. 16, 2013 @ 12:00 AM

Well the trend continues. My co-anglers do great in tournaments and I finish just outside the money or don’t do well at all after I lose a big fish or two. 

So are you tired of hearing this sad story? Well no more so than I am of telling it. I had a great time fishing and camping last weekend with everything going according to plan — except the 5-6 pounder I lost under a boat dock in Saturday’s Bass Fishing League tournament on Badin Lake.

Lesson learned. Don’t cast around behind a boat dock with a top-water lure on 10-pound line. As I made the cast I was thinking that it would be hard to get a fish to the boat from that angle if I were to get a bite. About that time, whoosh, and she headed back under the dock and kept going, taking my favorite vintage rebel Pop’R lure with her.

My co-angler, who hadn’t brought a fish to the scales in a tournament so far this year, caught a couple of really nice bass and was very happy to break his cold streak. I told him that my con-anglers typically do well and that I enjoyed seeing them catch fish almost as much as I enjoyed catching them myself.

I spent the weekend boondock truck camping, Thursday night in a Walmart parking lot in Albemarle, Friday night in a boat ramp parking lot at Badin Lake, and then Saturday night at a Walmart in Asheboro.

The highlight was taking my 4-year-old grandson, John II, and son, Jimmie, out fishing Sunday on the new Randleman Reservoir near Asheboro. This was the first time my son had been able get away fishing in a long time and I have greatly missed his companionship.

Little John hadn’t slept well from being so excited about fishing and his first fish catch set off a fussy spell. After taking a 30-minute nap in Jimmie’s lap under the shade of the Highway 220 bridge, he came around and really enjoyed the day, even taking a big bass from me and releasing it back all by himself.

Kerr Lake fishing report – With the water going up and down so much with the heavy rains we’ve had, it’s hard to predict where the bass will be. Check the bushes if flooded and out deeper as the water recedes.

Upcoming area tournaments – Next weekend there’s a BFL tournament on Kerr Lake out of the Nutbush landing.

Next week’s report – Results from the ABA Couples event on Kerr Saturday with Susan and Brandon Grays fourth tournament of the year on Sunday with Mark Robertson.

Tip of the week — Make sure your boat batteries are secured properly. Besides being dangerous when sliding around, they’ll perform better without bouncing around, may loosen the plates inside and lead to early battery failure. Use battery trays designed for this purpose and ensure they are screwed down properly with the battery strapped in well.

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