Staying positive a challenge in dark times

Dec. 15, 2012 @ 08:56 PM

Boy this world sure is in a heap of hurt, ain’t it? 

I try to keep this column wholesome and upbeat, but with all the sadness and evil we are bombarded with on a daily basis, it’s a challenge sometimes to stay motivated and enjoy the world when all around me there’s pain, corruption and unspeakable sadness paraded to the forefront on a minute-by-minute basis, all-day long every day.

This week we’ve had two horrible attacks within three days of each other, both senseless assaults on innocent people by devil-possessed humans.

In the last week in Henderson alone, there have been more shootings reported than I can keep up with.

On top of that, we’ve got federal and state governments nationwide that are continuously shown to be controlled by corrupt public officials. I am not suggesting in any way that all of our elected officials are corrupt, but when you look at the fact that two of the most recent governors of Illinois are currently in prison for serious corruption convictions — well, you get the point. 

It appears that too many of the folks we’ve got in charge of things in government these days are cut from the same mold. I don’t think it’s a matter of falling off the fiscal cliff; it appears we’ve already fallen. Now it’s just a matter of when do we hit bottom.

I wish I knew what the answer to all this was. Maybe the timing is coincidental, but the fact is that since we removed prayer from public schools it’s all been downhill. 

If you haven’t been doing so lately and you are so inclined, try to offset this by offering your family a time of prayer on a daily basis. Pray for this world, pray for those hurt by these most recent actions and pray for a better future.

And make sure to show appreciation to the public servants who handle these difficult situations for low pay and many times without thanks. When you get pulled over and given a ticket, act respectful and thank the officer for the job he does, and realize that he may have just saved your life.

When you see a table of EMS workers at a restaurant, pick up their tab if you are in the position to do so. And teach a youngster to enjoy the outdoors. We’ve got to start looking out for each other.

Last weekend Susan and I had the best time with our grandson, John II, at the Walnut Cove Christmas Parade. At the parade the year before he fell asleep just as the first float was passing, and woke up when Santa came by at the very end. 

This year he was wide open the whole time. The innocence and joy in that young man’s eyes gives me confidence in our future generations on the one hand, and a fear of what he and other children are destined to experience in this life on the other. 

God help us all. Merry Christmas and good fishing.

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