Finding success in Piedmont Bass Classics

Oct. 12, 2013 @ 11:16 PM

This past weekend made up for many of the poor fishing weekends I’ve endured this season.

Saturday, my team partner, Tyler Purcell, and I took fifth in the Piedmont Bass Classics on Kerr Lake and second in the tournament side-pot to earn $315.

Then on Sunday, I competed alone in two tournaments on Kerr Lake at the same time.

Finding a good school of largemouth bass mid-morning (Thanks, David L.) and catching at least 20 good fish in three hours, I was fortunate to win one with five fish weighing 14.65 pounds total and earn $220.

The other tournament was the Bojangles Big Bass Splash with hourly big bass payouts for four places.

I brought in the big bass for one hour and the second-biggest in two other hours to earn $225 total.

Nearly all my fish came on a three-fourths-ounce Freedom Rogue football jig in the Green Pumpkin Flash color with a Zoom speed craw in Green Pumpkin Blue Flash with the claws dipped in chartreuse Spike-it dip. 

The big school of fish I located wouldn’t bite a crankbait as expected this time of year.

When I dragged the jig through them,  I got bit on nearly every cast, catching over 20 keepers from the one hole. I then left the fish biting at 12:30 to save some for this coming weekend in the Angler’s Choice Marine Classic where the top prize is a $40,000 boat.

For the day, I had around 35 keepers and culled at least 15 times.

Let’s keep this to ourselves until after Sunday, when I hope to be able to report a top finish in the AC Classic, maybe a boat win, especially if the fish will stay set up on the spots I found.

With much disappointment, I learned the boat ramps at Island Creek and Longwood on Kerr Lake were padlocked Friday by the U.S. Corp of Engineers, as well as the Longwood Grassy Creek campground where they actually made campers pack up and leave in the middle of their vacation.

There may be other Virginia ramps that are closed but all Kerr Lake ramps in North Carolina are open since they are state managed.

I don’t want to sound defiant of authority or anything, but I can imagine myself being a camper in that position and I don’t think the outcome would have been good for anyone. Our citizens are getting a short fuse, and it isn’t going to take much more to set a lot of people off.

Kerr Lake fishing report – Bass are between 2 and 15 feet deep and biting crankbaits, plastic worms, and football jigs.

Upcoming area tournaments – I don’t know of any Kerr Lake tournaments next weekend. The N.C. State Bass Pack college fishing team will be hosting an open team tournament on Jordan Lake on Oct. 19 to raise money for the Bass Pack.

Please contact Bryce Owen at or (910) 585-1205. That same day the Bojangles Big Bass Splash will hold an event at Jordan and I may try to fish two at a time again.

Also the Piedmont bass classics trail will have a tournament on Falls Lake on Oct. 19. Contact Phil McCarson at (919) 471–1571.

Next week’s report – Tournament results from the two-day Angler’s Choice Team Trail Championship.   

Tip of the week — I will say it again - try some of the new Freedom Jigs available at Vanco Outdoor. I like the Rogue model in the three-fourths-ounce size. 

This is a football type jig that lets the hook move freely which is something that the bass haven’t seen much of before.

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