Celebrating in style at Kerr Lake

Aug. 24, 2013 @ 08:32 PM

Last weekend was perfect for celebrating a wedding anniversary with the weather being more like November than anything typically seen in North Carolina in the middle of August. 

And what a time we had, with Susan taking a couple of vacation days so we’d have a four-day weekend.

Whenever it wasn’t raining, we got out on Kerr Lake and when it was raining, we sat around watching TV.

Saturday night, we had friends, Travis and Rita Tucker, over. We had a great time grilling steaks and catching up on things since we hadn’t seen them in a few years.

Then Sunday we spent most of the day out on the lake. I was hoping to catch a nice striper for supper but it wasn’t looking too promising, and around 5 p.m., we were thinking we might have to fry bacon instead of fish. 

Luckily I caught a good eating-sized striper off the railroad trestle in Nutbush Creek on a deep crankbait just as a rain shower was coming through. 

We headed in for a delicious dinner of fish, sweet corn, green peas, and apple sauce.       

Our 32nd anniversary was Monday night and we topped off a long, relaxing weekend with a meal fit for a queen and king. That’s right, I went all out and ordered the eight-piece bucket from KFC, just like the dinner we had on our honeymoon at the Plantation Inn in Raleigh in 1981.

Here’s to at least 32 more years of wedded bliss.

On the bass tournament scene, area anglers Chuck Murray and Randy Groves weighed in five fish for 17.76 pounds to take home $6,450 in the Greenville Marine Bass tournament on the Chowan River last weekend.

Chuck and Randy are on a hot streak and have captured a lot of first places this year. On Kerr Lake, Mark Robertson brought in a limit weighing 13.15 pounds to take first place in the Kerr Lake Bassmasters Club Tournament last Saturday. He landed his fish on jigs and crankbaits.  

Kerr Lake fishing report – Stripers weren’t hitting top water lures for me last weekend, probably due to the cold and rain. Hopefully they will bite better this week.
I do know that some were caught by anglers fishing near the islands at night and early in the morning.

Upcoming area tournaments – I don’t know of any tournaments next weekend, probably due to the Labor Day holiday.

Next week’s report – Kerr fishing report and an update from the driver safety course I will be taking in South Boston to satisfy a requirement from my recent speeding ticket I received in the speed trap there.

Tip of the week — Try using a drop shot for catching bass you can see on your depth finder but cannot get to take typical lures like worms or crankbaits. Often, that’s just the ticket.

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