Put this one in the win column

Aug. 17, 2013 @ 06:20 PM

Well it happened again.

Yes, I lost a giant bass in yet another tournament. But before you jump to the conclusion that this will be just another sad story about the win that slipped away, let me finish my tale. 

Even after losing a bass that was at least 5 pounds, Mark Robertson and I won Brandon Gray’s Kerr Lake tournament this past Sunday against 30 other teams.

We brought in five largemouth that totaled 18.62 pounds, not missing a 4-pound average by much. 

All our fish came from 8–15 feet of water, most on crankbaits and some on football jigs. It was a great day of fishing and hopefully this is the start of a winning streak to wrap up the 2013 season.

The big fish leapt up like a tarpon right beside the boat before making a hard run and pulling off of my crankbait. We still had the top weight and second-largest bass which earned us almost $1,400. 

Second place went to Chris Bullock and Robert Perkins who brought 17.61 pounds in. They also had big fish for the day at 4.68 pounds. 

Saturday I competed in the Piedmont Bass Classics tournament on Kerr with Tyler Purcell. However, we struggled to figure out the bite. We briefly fished in the same area as eventual winners Vern Fleming and his grandson Glen Long before heading up the river to try and find the winning sack. 

Too bad we didn’t hang around the first area longer as Glen and Vern brought in 17.42 pounds to take home the first-place paycheck. The bridesmaid position went to Sunday’s second place team of Chris Bullock and Robert Perkins, who had a good weekend of fishing.

My odometer hit 10,000 miles this weekend to bring the total water miles on this boat to nearly 17,000. I had to replace the unit a couple of years back which restarted me at zero.

That’s a lot of miles on the water in three and a half years, almost two thirds of the way around the earth. Hopefully, I can get all the way around before my motor blows up again.

While out fishing last Friday, I was startled by a bald eagle that came down and picked up a fish from the water’s surface only 20 yards of so from where I was fishing.  The bird dropped the fish and flew back up in a tree where it watched as I inspected his lost catch.

It was a small catfish and the eagles’ talons had opened the fish up like he was peeling an orange. As soon as I’d gone down the lake a ways, the beautiful bird swooped down and reclaimed his catch.

I have never seen as many eagles on Kerr Lake as there are this year, including several juveniles that have yet to complete the change to having a white head and tail.

Kerr Lake fishing report – Stripers are hitting top water lures early in the morning and just before dark. Find breaking fish on red clay points from the dam to Clarksville and use a big chrome Zara Spook (available at Vanco Marine on Highway 158 beside Charles Boyd Chevy) to provoke vicious strikes from these hard fighting fish.

Upcoming area tournaments – There’s a small team tournament on Kerr Lake next Sunday out of the Longwood ramp. Contact Chris Dickerson of the Last Capital Bass club at 434-471-6079 or email him at cartpath1@live.com for more information.

Next week’s report – Kerr fishing report and recap Susan and I celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary.

Tip of the week — Just because you lose a good one doesn’t always mean you can’t be a winner. Just ask any eagle.

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