Still searching for the big catch

Apr. 22, 2013 @ 01:34 PM

Well, I did it again. After finding a bunch of fish on Friday while prefishing for the Kerr Lake BFL, I had a middle of the pack finish Saturday

after weighing in two fish that totaled less than 5 pounds.

Friday I even cut the end off my hook so that I could scout around, get bites and not hook the fish. With no hook point, I landed three fish when the blunt hook went through the thin part of their mouths.

Two 3-pounders and a 4-pounder were landed, and the 4-pounder even wrapped around a log and still stayed hooked up, which would never happen in a tournament even with a good hook.

Over a dozen more fish were shook off, including one weighing well over 5 pounds that held on and swam all the way around my boat.

And after performing two good deeds I figured maybe karma would lead to a great finish in the tournament. My first good deed of the weekend came on Thursday afternoon when I fixed a man from Washington, D.C. named Adam’s boat at the Nutbush boat ramp.

He was on the phone with his wife and about to head back to D.C. frustrated.  He said he’d just bought a used boat and now it wasn’t running right, and I could hear his wife letting him have it on the phone.

I asked if I could help and he cautiously agreed, and we took the engine cover off and headed out on the water. It sounded like one cylinder wasn’t getting fire and I thought maybe a coil was out on one cylinder.

He stopped, and I found that one of his coil wires was loose.  Popping it back we tried it again, and eureka, it ran like a charm.

His day went from the pits to back in business and he was ready to fish.

I got my next bit of excitement for the weekend Friday evening at a local restaurant when an older gentleman passed out coming

in the door while I was paying for my meal. I caught him before he hit the ground and asked for someone to call an ambulance.

His eyes were rolled back in his head and he was limp, but when he heard me say ambulance he said, “Hell no, don’t call an ambulance for

me. I came here to eat seafood and that’s what I plan to do.”

His wife just said, “This happens every once in a while, he’ll be alright.”

After he sat for a moment we helped him up and he headed to his seat to order. I love a man on a mission!

Saturday I caught a nice one on the second cast to start the tournament and just knew it was going to be a great day. But that was the next to

last bite I had, despite moving to a lot of new areas. The cold rain and high pressure front knocked the fish down and shut off the bite for me.

Some anglers found biting fish though as N.C. boaters Chris Cox from Greenville and Dave Farrington of Greensboro both landed 16 pounds,

2 ounces to tie for first place and take home nearly $4,000 each.

Henderson angler Mark Robertson came in tied for fourth with a 14 pound, 11 ounce limit to earn $848.

Hopefully if I keep trying hard, preparing my equipment like I do, and doing good turns for others when I get the chance I too, I will have a top

finish in one of my upcoming tournaments.

Kerr Lake fishing report - Largemouth bass are in the bushes where they are spawning heavily. I saw several groups of fry

swimming in the shallows.

Upcoming area tournaments - Next weekend there’s an ABA couples tournament on Gaston Saturday and Sunday out of Salmons Landing

and the CATT Old North Division tournament on Kerr Lake Sunday out of Flemington.

Next week’s report - This weekend I am in a small ABA individual tournament on Kerr Lake Saturday and then a larger team event also on

Kerr Sunday fishing with Mark Robertson. Looking forward to a great weekend.

Tips of the week - When you see bass fry you can be sure that there is a large fish nearby. Try a chatterbait or floating pink worm and you may catch big mama.

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