On the Water: Warmer weather should have bass biting

Feb. 22, 2014 @ 05:49 PM

Well the cold and snow kept me at home for yet another weekend, but those days are over for now.

I plan on spending this weekend fishing for bass on Kerr Lake on Saturday, then participating in a small tournament on Sunday at Shearon Harris Lake. This recent four-day warm spell should have the big bass biting there.

I’ve been fortunate to land two monster largemouth bass weighing over 10 pounds at Harris in the last few years, along with several that went over 8 pounds. 

The biggest came on a Senko worm in the hydrilla grass in a shallow pocket, and another hit a jerk bait off the end of a fallen tree. The largest one was in a tournament and it weighed 10.69 pounds, but that wasn’t the biggest caught that day. Another gentleman brought one in that hit 10.83 pounds which beat me out of the big fish money.

Vern Fleming and I were fishing in that tournament, and I’d made a long cast into the wind which resulted in a backlash (tangled line on the reel that results from an overcast). This required a few minutes to pick out, and when I reeled it back up the lure had moved 10–15 yards right of where it had landed.

Setting the hook I knew it was a giant, and Vern began providing tips on how to not lose it, like keeping the line tight but not to pull to hard. That way had I lost it he could say, “I told you so.”

The big fish buried itself into the weeds and we couldn’t pull it out, so Vern took the net and scooped up weeds and all onto the floor of the boat. We pulled the weeds back to reveal a monster, and I commenced to whooping and hollering which brought an admonition to be quiet from Vern, who didn’t want anyone else to see what we had.

We ended up making a good deal of money that day and I will never forget it. Hopefully this weekend will bring similar results. Maybe an 11-pounder!

Kerr Lake fishing report – The blue cats are still biting. And this recent warm spell should have big female bass moving shallow to feed up for the spawn. Use shiny suspending jerk baits around rocky points.

Upcoming area tournaments – Brandon Gray’s Bass Team Tournament Trail starts its season next Saturday, March 1, out of the Occoneechee ramp in Clarksville, Va. Contact Brandon at (919) 690-1349/(252) 213-2949 or by email at tapp2@earthlink.net.

Next week’s report – Bass fishing reports from Kerr Lake and Shearon Harris.

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