On the Water: Post-Arthur fishing proves plentiful

Jul. 12, 2014 @ 05:09 PM

While I regret that Hurricane Arthur impacted property and caused some vacations to be shortened at the beach last week, I do appreciate what it did for bass fishing on Kerr Lake last Thursday afternoon.

Following a morning doing yard work with my dad and oldest daughter Claire, my plan was to get out on Kerr Lake to do a little bass fishing. It was starting to look like a washout around 4 p.m. when a strong band of wind and rain passed through.

Luckily, it blew by quickly and I was able to get on the water at around 5 p.m.

For some reason, the fish were hungry and I caught four big bass weighing between 3 and 4 pounds each along with some smaller ones. The biggest fish hit a football jig fished around a rocky point, and the others hit small crankbaits fished in the same type places. Too bad I couldn’t have caught one of these the Sunday before when it would have been worth a good chunk of money.

Friday and Saturday Susan and I spent all day fishing and cruising around the lake. As always, the Fourth of July fireworks display was fun.

After a hot dog cook out; my dad, Susan and I headed up to Satterwhite Point and went boat to boat handing out Carolina Country Snacks pork skins. Though it seems dangerous, the best part of the fireworks display is the grand finale followed by the mad dash to the boat ramp as 500 boats all try to be the first ones to pull their boats out of the water.

We’ve noticed that there seem to be many more eagles on Kerr Lake this year. Sometimes called the pit bull of the bird world, these great animals are beautiful to watch in flight or sitting in a tree. If you approach one in a boat, you can see by their behavior that they aren’t very fearful of humans and seem to be looking at us as if to say, “Keep away unless you want to get hurt.”

Kerr Lake fishing report — The striper bite seems to be slowing down. Many anglers are reporting that they are not catching them like they were a while back. Largemouth bass are feeding up to recover from the spawn. They’ll be moving to deep water as the weather warms and lake levels drop.

Upcoming area tournaments — None that I see scheduled.

Week after next week’s report — Report from Lake Champlain on the Vermont/New York/Canada border where I am competing in the second tournament on the FLW Rayovac Northern Division Series. Susan is going with me this year to help keep me focused on fishing.

Tip of the week — Use darker colored worms in muddy water (black) and lighter ones in clearer water (watermelon or pumpkin).

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