Reflecting on continued blessings

Dec. 28, 2013 @ 10:53 PM

Sitting here this Christmas morning awaiting my grandson and namesake John II awakening to find his delivery from the North Pole, I am reflecting back on a year of continued blessings for the Bowen family.

Blessed to see my children enjoy success that results from hard work, blessed to have the best wife on planet Earth, blessed to have seen my parents enjoy good living through another year, and blessed to see my Uncle Wayland’s amazing recovery from his recent challenges.

Blessed to have a great full-time job and even greater part-time job of fishing and writing about it. Thank you Lord for a wonderful year, and please bless everyone else in this world.

Susan and I will be taking plenty of food and Christmas candy on our Florida trip. We’ve got hawg jowl bacon and extra hot sausage for breakfasts, homemade chili, stew, soup, and more for dinners.

On top of that we’ve got restaurants lined up for us by experienced Florida Key West traveler Mitch Briggs and by my cousin Todd Averett and his new wife Tracy. We’ll be eating lots of seafood and some Cuban sandwiches, and have a plan to eat lobster Benedict for breakfast one day in Key West.

After doing a little scouting on Lake Okeechobee near Clewiston, Fla., I may enter a small team tournament there with Susan on the Saturday after Christmas. We also hope to do a little saltwater fishing with my cousin Denise’s husband Bob, then head to Key West for a couple of day’s people watching and taking in the trained house cat show before heading home to get back to work.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that the New Year starts and ends well for you and your family. See you next year.

Kerr Lake fishing report

The big blue cats are biting on Kerr Lake right now. Vern Fleming sent in a photo of a 40-pounder he caught this week using half a crappie

on a down line off the side of the boat. Chris Bullock reported catching 20, 30, 55 and 80 pounders in the same day this week. Contact him at 252-902-4039 to set up a guided trip.

Upcoming area tournaments

None I can find until after the first of the year.

Next week’s report

I will be taking a week off. The next report will be on Sunday, Jan. 12 when we get back from Florida.

Tip of the week

Don’t wait until you retire to start traveling.

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