Looking forward to warm weather and bass fishing

Dec. 14, 2013 @ 06:03 PM

I sure am missing bass fishing. It just hasn’t worked out recently for me to do any.

Although I had a great time at the coast surf fishing and it sure would be nice to be down on Davis Island again with Susan, it’s time for a day out in the boat.

In less than two weeks we’ll be in Florida catching giant bass on Lake Okeechobee and both look forward to wearing shorts and T-shirts for a week or so.

Susan and I enjoyed full body massages last weekend down at the local spa and it loosened us both up in preparation for the stress of Christmas.

We’ve got the tree up, a lot of shopping done, and are all set for the Walnut Cove Christmas Parade on Sunday afternoon with our grandson John II.

It looks like stripers are biting up on the Chesapeake Bay. Bobby Chrisman, his dad Rob and their group ended up top winners in the Rockfish Riot striper tournament up there last weekend.

Third place went to Melvin Crutchfield of Lacrosse, Va. (50.8 pounds), second to Bobby from Fort Mitchell, Va. (52.7 pounds), and first to Aaron Reed from Crew, Va. (56.8 pounds). All the fish were caught from Rob Crisman’s boat.

Kerr Lake fishing report – Tyler Purcell, son of Charles Purcell, took first place in last Saturday’s ABA tournament on Kerr Lake with a total weight of 14.02 pounds. I heard the bass were feeding heavily with several anglers reporting good catches. 
Bass should continue to load up on crawfish in mid depths until the water gets a little colder when they will head deeper on points and creek channels where drops shots and jigging spoons will provide some good fishing. 

Upcoming area tournaments – If you are up early enough and leave now there is an open team bass tournament (you can be a team of one) at Hyco Lake being put on by the Piedmont Bassmasters. Contact Darrell Wyatt with questions at 434-770-8647 (I hope that ain’t his home number and you wake his wife up).
Time is 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with an entry fee of $40 per boat and $10 optional big fish pot. Payback is 80 percent (100 percent big fish) with one place paid for every three boats. A five-fish limit and 14” minimum size is in effect.

Next week’s report – Christmas Parade and Belews Creek Lake fishing reports.

Tip of the week — Now is a great time of year to fish slowly with shiners down beside the boat in 15’ deep or so over deeper water. To find where the fish are biting best try staggering the depths you are fishing by putting two rods at 12’, two at 14, and two at 16 more or less depending on how many rods you are fishing.
Then when you get bit, keep more (or all) rods at that depth or slightly above.
Measure the line depth by measuring the length to a spot on your rod from the reel and let line out by pulling off line to that spot with your fingers until you count off the depth you are looking for (eight pulls at a couple of measured feet equals 16 feet deep).

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