Cleaning up for holiday cookout

May. 31, 2014 @ 02:53 PM

With my boat in the shop having a new engine installed, Susan and I spent the long weekend catching up on house and yard work at our small place on Kerr Lake.

We cleaned the yard up, replaced a few pieces of vinyl siding, put sealant on the deck, replaced a storm door, and repaired the dock.

Then we headed to Dad’s house in Epsom to help him and his brothers with a few things. It felt great to get the “to do” list whittled down some.

Susan and I caught a few nice catfish fishing from the boat dock Sunday evening after a Jet Ski ride to cool down.

The fried filets sure were delicious served alongside ears of sweet corn and coleslaw.

We cleaned up for a cookout with a few friends and family on Memorial Day after working for a few hours early in the morning.

A good time was had with Charley and Rita Holland; Rita’s brother, Gene Martin, from Natchez, Miss.; Betty Jo Buchan; my uncle, David Robertson; and my dad, Johnny.

Everyone enjoyed the homemade chocolate ice cream (made using a recipe handed down from Susan’s, Papa Jimmie Barnett) and hot dogs with all the trimmings.

Speaking of hot dogs, have you seen the price of rolls lately? It costs nearly 50 cents each ($3.29 for a pack of eight) and that’s before you even get to the wiener and slaw aisles.

On the fishing scene, Jaime Fajardo and Josh Hooks took first place in the CATT Old North Trail final on Kerr Lake last Saturday with five bass weighing 14.95 pounds, along with catching the second largest fish, earning them a total of $8,056.00.

That’s a great payday for a day’s fishing. Local anglers, Dan Jackson and John Yager, took fourth place with a limit weighing 14.35 pounds and received $250.00.

Kerr Lake fishing report — Catfish are biting early in the mornings and late in the day. Try using a piece of frozen shrimp or a chicken liver fished on the bottom in 5–10 feet deep water. Gene Martin reported catching over 20 big ones this week using limb lines with cut bait.

Upcoming area tournaments — Bass Catchers is holding a tournament on Lake Gaston Saturday, June 7 out of the Summit ramp. Contact Dennis Bradley at (252) 532-5782 for more information.

Next week’s report — BFL results from Kerr Lake. My boat is back from the shop and I will be fishing to win.

Tip of the week — Always wear appropriate eye wear and sunscreen when outside in the sunlight for extended periods of time. And don’t try to save money when purchasing these items.
You get what you pay for. 

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