If only life had a pause button

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 09:42 PM

Sometimes in life we have a day that we wish would have lasted forever. Like going to the Liberty Tobacco warehouse with my dad as a kid to sell tobacco, or when my wife and I used to take our young son on bicycle trips to the beach for an afternoon outing while in college in Wilmington. 

Those days, all worries seem to disappear and we are completely relaxed and carefree.

Well last Saturday was one of those days for Susan and me. We spent the morning, starting before 5, on Kerr Lake, where we experienced a beautiful sunrise and caught some nice bass on top water lures at the break of day. 

Then we headed back home to rest during the heat of the day as a big storm passed through. Later that afternoon, we loaded a pack of hotdog wieners in a cooler full of cold drinks and headed up the lake to a remote sandy beach near Eastland Creek where we grilled out while watching the sunset.

As we slowly cruised home after dark, we were treated to a show of lightning pulsing through distant tall thunderheads to wrap up a wonderful day. If only life didn’t pass by so fast and these days could last forever. I could relive that day every day for a while.

The weekend before last Susan and I competed in an ABA couples tournament on Lake Gaston where we finished well down in the pack with three fish weighing around 5 pounds.  Winners Cory and Pam Leonard brought in five fish weighing 12.37 pounds that they reported catching on swim baits. 

Runners up Mark and Mary Jo Williamson also weighed in five for 10.40 pounds. Susan and I anticipated doing much better, especially after seeing a beautiful falling star on the drive to Gaston. So much for wishing on a falling star.

Back on Kerr last weekend I bet we saw no less than two dozen eagles. One was sitting on the beach near where we cooked hotdogs. Another time we got to see a pair of eagles involved in a mating ritual.

They would fly up then appear to fight as they dropped from the sky. There were eagles everywhere we turned which just added to the beauty of a memorable day.

Kerr Lake fishing report – Striper fishing continues to be productive and many anglers are reporting easily catching four fish per angler limits. Fish are being caught trolling and on jigging spoons. I caught some good largemouth bass on jigs, crankbaits, and top water stick baits.

Upcoming area tournaments – I don’t know of any bass tournaments next weekend, which is probably a good thing since it’s my 32nd wedding anniversary.

Next week’s report – Results from the Piedmont Bass Classics tournament on Kerr on Saturday and from Brandon Gray’s Kerr Lake tournament Sunday.

Tip of the week — Keep an eye out for falling stars on Monday and Tuesday night this week. The Perseids meteor shower will pass through and you should be able to see some good ones.

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