Just out of the money in BFL event

Jun. 29, 2013 @ 09:40 PM

I wound up in 16th place in last Saturday’s Bass Fishing League event on Kerr Lake, finishing slightly ahead of a number of top anglers including a former Bassmasters Pro.

Unfortunately I didn’t beat enough fishermen, finishing first angler out of the money as they paid the top-15 finishers. At least there were no lost large fish involved and I did cull a bunch of times on a day when some anglers struggled.

Winner Chris Baldwin from Lexington brought in almost 16 pounds to earn over $3,500.

My fish came on a combination of crankbaits and Texas-rigged worms and were located on the edge of deep water. The water is still a little cool for late June but the fish are definitely getting deep as the hot weather takes over.

A fishing friend of mine, Curt Tindall of Vermont, came through town and spent a few days at the lake with his girlfriend, Diana. They had fun fishing and really loved the area.

Curt was born and raised in New Jersey and I wanted to mention that he really enjoyed the Italian food at Pino’s in Henderson. Susan and I have not yet tried Pino’s but will now, since any restaurant that passed the Italian food test of a true New Jerseyite must be authentic.

Sunday, Susan and I spent the day on the lake with our oldest daughter, Claire. We had a ball swimming, fishing and sunning. While fishing along, we came across an albino deer that was grazing in the woods. It just stood there and looked at us for a long time before running away. We took a couple of good photos and really enjoyed seeing this unusual site from the water.

I caught three big bass Sunday and any one of them would have moved me way up in the standings in the tournament the day before. One weekend soon I will get my timing right.

Kerr Lake fishing report — Bass are biting crankbaits, jigs and plastics in 10–20 feet of water. I saw a lot of anglers striper fishing between Satterwhite Point and the dam.

Upcoming area tournaments — Next weekend there aren’t many tournaments since it’s Fourth of July week. There’s a Bassmasters Weekend Series event launching out of North Bend Park.

Next week’s report — Report from Susan’s vacation week at the lake and results from two Angler’s Choice team tournaments on Kerr that I will compete in with Tyler Purcell from Townsville.  

Tip of the week — When you have a problem with the quality of a product, don’t just get mad and throw it away. Contact the manufacturer about your dissatisfaction and most times they’ll make it good by replacing or refunding. 
This week I have done this with a spinnerbait manufacturer after one broke after just a few cast and with another fishing equipment manufacturer after one of their stainless steel products rusted through after a couple of years use.

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