On the Record: 'Blue and gold'

May. 01, 2013 @ 09:57 PM

"Every time you looked up, it was blue and gold," said Northern Vance coach Wilton Baskett.

Baskett was referring to his Viking boys team that finished second in Wednesday's 3-A Carolina Conference Track and Field Championship. The Vikes had six wins and placed well in a handful of other events.

Northern is poised to make a big splash at the May 4 regionals. The Vikings have strong sprinters and hurdlers to go along with Montel Clark, who is having a big year throwing.

An injury suffered against Southern Vance has slowed sprinter Tyrrick Bullock's season. He was the league runner of the year in 2012, but Southern's Reggie Hunter has been the man to beat in the dashes in 2013. Keep an eye on Hunter and Bullock in the regionals.