Editorial: Movement in right direction

Aug. 29, 2014 @ 11:49 PM

Henderson’s City Council has made a positive move toward downtown development.

The council is again working with the Embassy Cultural Center Foundation, this time toward providing an outdoor entertainment venue. The proposed pavilion would face what is now a grassy area just outside the city police department, with the stage parallel to West Montgomery Street.

The continued improvements to a two-block area between Montgomery and Winder and Wyche and Chestnut streets is a good sign for a sagging downtown. Unfortunately, the council’s earlier decision eliminating the Main Street program and leaving the Downtown Development Commission to pick up steam without a city staff member went in the opposite direction.

Attention on downtown growth beyond those two city blocks is encouraged. The heart of Garnett Street has to be a priority. We need more choices that build momentum.

• At first glance, Henderson police officer John Hammond may well have saved one life when he calmly guided a gentleman from a bridge over Interstate 85. But with traffic below, there’s no telling how many lives he may have saved.

Police and other emergency responders face dangers of all kinds on a regular basis. When a call comes in, there’s an inkling of what may be faced. And there’s a mystery for what they won’t know until the incident is under control.

These people humbly say it is part of the job, whatever that may entail. If everyone could do it, it wouldn’t be special.

They earn our respect and gratitude each day. This is just one more example why.

• Despite the tremendous hit from the weather, Relay for Life in Vance County celebrated raising $99,472.93 during this year’s annual campaign.

Since 1995, Vance County residents have been hard at work for the cause. Among all nonprofit fundraisers in the community, participation is among the highest. Unfortunately, so too is the touch of cancer.

We celebrate today a whopping amount of money that wasn’t there before. Cancer research and awareness got a significant gift. Our community did a fabulous job.