Letter: Leaders needed to save Henderson

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 05:14 PM

I was mistaken as were many Henderson citizens in thinking that the Feb. 26 meeting was called by elected officials and police officers to reassure the community’s safety. This needs to happen.

The recent rash of ghastly things — murders, shooting, rapes, robberies — are reasons that citizens expressed concerns about safety and raised legitimate questions regarding whether city elected officials, administration and law enforcement officers are doing everything possible to make the community safe. Hopefully, this concern is not sufficient reasoning for citizens to take up arms and do the work of police officers. Evidence shows that where this happened there were accidental killings.

Several citizens and leaders spoke with me about the lack of protection offered by the city’s law enforcement officers. They feel they have no choice but to arm themselves and stand guard in their communities. They stated that neighborhoods are not regularly patrolled until there is a shooting or murder.

In my opinion, data on Henderson criminal activities clearly suggests it is one of the most violent small cities in America. This is very disappointing and sad but it does not have to be this way if community and religious leaders came together and develop strategies to make Henderson a much safer place to live, learn, play, shop, work and worship.

Most recently, city-data.com reported that Henderson exceeded the United States’ average for criminal activities for the last 10 years and exceeds the nearby eight cities and towns by considerable margins. What is happening in Henderson (or not happening) that leads to so much criminal activity? City-data.com also reports that there are 85 registered sex offenders living in Henderson.

Why are the leaders remaining silent?

Eva Clayton