Letter: Straying from God has cost us

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 05:11 PM

To the Editor:

As a country, state and county resident, we need to come to the realization and acknowledge the facts about our homeland which was said to be the most religious nation in the world: Where do we stand now? If one should consider the fact that most of our standards and moral values have been changed against what we know is Bible truth and correct to accommodate political purposes or capital gain the answer should be very clear.

In 2nd Chronicles 7:4, the answer is there for restoring and dispensing the healing power our nation so desperately needs with the assurance for which God will be for us and not fold his mighty arms against us. Our school minus religion has resulted in more senseless deaths and horrifying situations involving our children than world history and statistics has ever known and recorded. Our streets are more dangerous than the battlefield of our U.S. Army.

We must admit with all honesty and sincerity we have strayed far from what pleases God. We must accept things we plainly understand and know are an abomination to Him. If a change for our needs is to be met, God and his standards and directions will have to be the head of all we say and do.

Our hasty decisions are not always the better avenue for greater results. We must learn to pray, work and wait. God dwells far off from us, but prayer brings him down to our earth and links his power with our efforts. Let us be aware of our surroundings at all times. Rely on God. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Ada Branch