Letter: Disappointed in first lady’s choice

Mar. 09, 2013 @ 04:57 PM

To the Editor:

The first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, says she is not surprised about the criticism aimed at her appearance beamed live from the White House during the Academy Awards for the movie “Argo.”

According to the first lady, “Shoot, my bangs set off a national conversation. My shoes set off a national conversation.”

I must admit I have heard criticism of the first lady’s dress, her sweater, her arms and her “hall monitor’s” approach to children’s health issues. Other first ladies have appeared via videotape as well.

However, I believe the real criticism lies in the fact that the first lady would, knowingly or unknowingly, inject herself into the announcing of the nomination of the movie “Argo,” which was about the escape from Iran during the Carter administration. First Amendment activists, Second Amendment advocates and constitutionalists across the fruited plains are aware of the short memory span of our young adults and baby boomers to America’s history.

By way of the criticism of Michelle Obama, the first black lady in the White House, she would have the world believe that the criticism levied at her lies in the pop star image of her and her constantly golfing and campaigning husband.

It is, in fact, anger, disappointment and awe that she would be seen announcing the “Best Picture” for “Argo,” when her husband President Barack Obama, the commander in chief, and his minions Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, and Susan Rice ignored Ambassador Stevens’ call for help during the attack on the embassy in Benghazi for none other than political reasons.

Daniel A. Young, Sr.