Editorial: Give credit when good things happen

Sep. 06, 2013 @ 08:55 PM

Credit is due this week to Jennifer Brax of the Perry Memorial Library.

She serves as the adult services librarian and she recently discovered the omission of a grave marker for Flora McKinnon Perry. She was the wife of H. Leslie Perry, whose life was far too short but whose family honored him with formation of the library.

The library had his name for years and recently it was changed to honor the entire family in acknowledgement of their actions.

After Brax’s discovery, the library and the Friends of the Library put together funding so a marker could be created, and her husband’s marker could be refurbished.

We admit favoritism to those helping preserve history. That aside, Brax turned a good deed.

• One of our city’s ills is getting some cure.

A more user-friendly process is evolving with the permitting process. Anyone who has built and developed and went through it here or elsewhere knows the inherent rigors.

When the processes in any task are tangled, frustration can easily build and often, we’ll look for an easier way, up to and including doing something else. We’ll never know if Henderson has suffered because of what had been in place.

Erris Dunston’s team is chipping away and has reported substantial gains to date. Their work is not finished, but hearing Henderson has an element of user-friendliness that could encourage our economy is certainly good news.

• In the area of shameless promotion, we’ll share encouraging words on two fronts soliciting participation.

The Henderson City Council candidates’ forum is slated for Sept. 22 and will include questions from the citizens. To submit those in advance for consideration, email them to rsvp@hendersonvance.org. Questions can also be given the day of the forum on site.

The forum is expected to include all eight candidates running for four seats on the council.

Separate of that event, The Dispatch is also taking suggestions for its 100-year anniversary on Aug. 12, 2014. Those can include what would be interesting, useful or important to be included in a special publication covering our 100 years in the community.

The email address to send to is dispatch100@hendersondispatch.com.