Editorial: Still envied, searching for peace

Sep. 10, 2013 @ 05:28 PM

A dozen years have passed. Even when several more go by, we will still remember.

Life in America in the 21st century is no different than the last century. Or even the one before it.

We have a desire within our hearts and a block within our minds when it comes to world peace. Or, at least, peace on the part of the earth where we live.

America doesn’t get any peace. And that’s not all bad either. Think about the reasons.

If we were to be a shallow country, only concerned for ourselves and thinking nothing of what happens to other humans around the globe, then yes, we might live a life with little or no controversy.

If we were to be a country of little means, underdeveloped for this day and age, a leader in little if not nothing, then yes, we might live with few concerns about violent world events.

If we were to be a country not believing in our democratic form of government, then yes, we would not worry about dictators and tyrants and the harms done to innocent people.

The list goes on. We get no peace for the right reasons.

There are many great and wonderful things we do as a country despite our flaws, our bickering with each other and despite others trying to tear us apart.

That’s what happened a dozen years ago today. We call it 9/11, and it was on that date in 2001 that America’s life took another turn.

Our American life has been turning since Day 1 really. We’ve battled each other and other countries. We’ve aligned with countries we fought and fought with countries we once aligned. Inside our borders, we’ve done the same.

Still, with resilience, we rise up and make ourselves the envy of many. The attacks of 9/11 came from outside, but their purpose whether intentional or not served to create division inside. We have more rules and less freedom. It takes effort to ensure “they” didn’t win on 9/11.

We prefer peace.

But we won’t soon forget that morning. Nor should we. It is part of who we are as a country. There’s none better.