Editorial: Rec survey needs our participation

Jan. 30, 2014 @ 01:56 PM

Apathy in Henderson and Vance County appears to have reared its ugly head once more.

Last year, and perhaps even sooner, grant opportunities were under consideration by the Henderson-Vance Parks and Recreation Commission. As the steps moved forward, it became clear grant applications had a better chance of success if part of a master greenway plan.

Henderson and Vance County did not have one.

But we do like recreational outlets, and more than Kerr Lake. We’ve shown interest in 5K races, cycling events through the countryside and much more.

We’ve got programs for our youth, some of which have won World Series championships and participated on the high competition levels. The Aycock Recreation Center is a cornerstone, but not everyone realizes the tie to Fox Pond Park. Or the possibilities.

We’ve enjoyed great things from the Boys & Girls Club and the Henderson Family YMCA, and a master plan could put some links not only with those organizations but also the public, charter and private schools. Remember, the idea is a master plan.

So the commission developed an easy to use survey. They concentrated on users needing little time commitment to complete it, and accessibility. So far, the time spent is horrendously minimal. At last report, 159 people had completed the survey.

If each respondent took 15 minutes to complete it, we’ve still had less than 40 hours — a standard workweek — invested by an entire county. That might suggest Vance County residents have no desire for recreational opportunities, but we think that would be a mistake.

We know there is good interest in recreational programs. We believe there is interest outside the traditional stick and ball programs, in things such as biking, running and other forms of exercise.

And we believe there is interest in how and where those things will happen, the accessibility factor.

The survey doesn’t agree. At least, so far it doesn’t.

Today is the scheduled last day to participate. But a community input meeting, first scheduled for this past week and changed to Tuesday, still looms.

We feel confident surveys done between today and Tuesday will be counted. Commission members want to know what the community desires.

It is available at hendersonparks.weebly.com today.

But do get involved. Your input is truly wanted.