Editorial: Commitment to community all around

May. 24, 2013 @ 02:35 PM

Lamont Noel and his community-minded friends at Club 15 want something good for Henderson. They want a positive place for children to grow up, for adults to congregate, and for others to want to come and join.

So Club 15, made up of members of the Beacon Light Lodge and Goodwill Baxter Eastern Star, gave back to the community last Saturday. It was their third annual Community Day, complete with food, games and music. And it was all free for the public.

Rain fell, but spirits were up. So, too, was community morale.

In light of our city’s trouble with people not being involved and not stepping forward, deciding instead to stand back and criticize, we say a hearty “congratulations” and “good job” to Club 15 on a successful endeavor. We hope others will follow the example.

• We can’t begin to imagine what Ayana Lewis has felt in her experiences. We haven’t been there, and the relationship of a parent to a child is always unique.

She lost two children in a fire just over three years ago. But in the spirit that we all should aspire to duplicate, she turned a most tragic and troubling event into a positive for the community through her faith and actions.

The Abria’s Chase Foundation promotes fire safety and offers a support group. It is named for her two children who perished.

This week, Lewis’ name went on the first Professional Woman of the Year award presented by the Franklin-Vance-Warren Opportunity Women’s Economic Equity Council. She’s a deserving winner, a true professional and role model ladies in our community can look to for guidance.

• The Granville-Vance Faith Initiative for Community Action is a new step between two counties who were once one many years ago.

The organization held an open house to launch its mission earlier this week. Replicating a project from third-world countries in the USA isn’t something we hear of everyday, but we’re excited about the possibilities. Health issues will be a starting point, and that is an excellent choice.

With about 300 congregations in the two counties, this group has a high ceiling. The volume of impact it can potentially deliver is staggering.

Our sincerest “thanks” for investing in the health of this region.