Editorial: Tried and true recipe won’t be changing

Aug. 10, 2013 @ 06:31 PM

When the calendar turns tonight, the celebration of 100 years begins for Your Favorite Good Morning Newspaper.

Hard to believe we’ve got 99 years on us, but it was in 1914 on Aug. 12 that the first edition hit the streets. We’ve been on doorsteps, bushes and outside restaurants nonstop since that first edition.

Times have changed. We’re no longer squeezing as many legs of copy onto the front page, or writing as many headlines and subheadlines.

News on the queen or Great Britain? Well, it better be pretty big news if it is going to hit our front page now. But back when we started, though our country was more than 100 itself, there was still a tendency to keep the news from across the pond out front.

Even a couple of decades ago, we were like many community newspapers. We were a newspaper of record and treated our pages as such. The biggest news of the day, be it local, national or international, was generally right up front.

And local news was challenged to eclipse, for example, whatever the president did. Or our country was involved in. And that includes some serious local items.

But while we’ve been the leading source for news and information each of 10 decades bridging a turn of the century, we’ve also gained brethren. Radio, television and the Internet all came along and started doing a great deal of what we do, although often a little differently. Broadcast media and print media have their appeals, and we seriously don’t think either one of us is going away anytime soon, despite what plundering forecasters may suggest.

After all, we were supposed to be history after the birth of radio. And then television, and now the Internet, and surely whatever else is coming along.

We only promise in this year celebrating our 100th and leading up to some kind of a bash next August — and y’all are definitely invited by the way — we’ll continue to do our best to give the news and information deemed important, useful and interesting just as fairly and accurately as we can.

It’s been a good recipe for 99 years and we see no reason to change now.