Editorial: Last call shopping tax-free

Jul. 31, 2013 @ 07:42 PM

For some children, the only world they’ve lived in has always included cellphones, a war on terror with no end and high-speed Internet.

They won’t understand forgetting classmates because there is Facebook. Yellow pages? Facsimile machines? CDs for music? Quizzical looks can be expected when those are mentioned to our youngest generation.

In North Carolina, they’ve also always known their parents to take advantage of the tax-free holiday weekend at the first of August.

The consistency of life is it always changes. And Republican-led lawmakers in Raleigh did just that earlier this year.

This weekend is the last of them as far as we know.

Republicans campaigned on fiscal responsibility. Why so many are surprised to be touched by their actions is a mystery to us, but count this weekend among the touches. It’s last call.

Based on a year ago, expect about $13 million to be saved by us and not used by them. Next year, the state coffers will keep it.

We have applauded the strategy of fiscal responsibility. It is something every household in Vance County and the Tri-County region has to practice daily.

But we’ve also been in favor of this weekend of savings. It tended to fall in line with the trickle-down theory, a theory getting a once-over from liberals right now because the tax changes are viewed as favoring the wealthy.

With the tax-free weekend, shoppers might take the tax savings and go to a movie, or out to eat, or something else to add to the economy. With the wealthier among us getting a tax break, the reflective theory is they’d add to the economy with perhaps more jobs or expansion.

And the truth is both ends of the socio-economic spectrum use their savings in varied ways, from carefree spending to measured investing.

For our 2 cents on the equation, we champion investing locally. We’re all for the small business owners, those employing our friends and neighbors. Our money in big box stores generally leaves the Tri-County, but keep in mind those stores do have an impact on our tax base, and do employ people we know.

Without them, we’re paying more taxes.

Shop Henderson, shop the Tri-County, and enjoy the last call for a tax-free holiday.