Editorial: Fatherhood and love unconditional

Jun. 14, 2014 @ 11:55 PM

With sons they play catch. With daughters they might introduce date night, with daddy of course.

As the years go by, fathers never lose the twinkle in their eye. They wish and want for their children, often quietly and sometimes loudly, but always the youngsters can trust the parental love.

A father’s hands are unmistakable. They possess power, whether in the form of physical strength or in stature. A daddy’s hand is a comfort when we are young, often callused from work but always simply large and encompassing of our small digits.

We know it is there to provide for us, to care for us, even to discipline us when we go astray. It is all these things that teach us daddy’s hands are filled with love, from his heart to ours.

His love picks us up when we stumble. He knows, after all, that we will. He understands our frailty as we are growing and he likewise understands we can accomplish anything we desire.

He wants the best for us; better then what he had, or his father before him.

When we are young, we often see our fathers as indestructible and the best life can offer. We realize with age they are men, and they became men through the experiences of life. They share their wisdom with us, in hopes we’ll be better sons and daughters, and great fathers and mothers to our children.

They believe in us, even when few others will. Assurance and confirmation are always extended to us. Does “I believe in you” sound any sweeter, or have more meaning, than when coming from a parent?

There’s no greater fortress in a young person’s life than a father who stands tall, with morals and character that we can only hope to retain and carry on. When we hear a father say, “I’m proud of you,” there is no mistaking the warmth and strength.

And as they age, we return the favor. We take care of them. We nurture them as they have us. We return to them the unconditional love of family, no matter the cost.

We hope this day brings pride and joy for fathers and children alike. We hope it is spent with fond memories, or making new ones.

Happy Father’s Day.