Editorial: Henderson supporting Henderson

Apr. 12, 2014 @ 11:56 PM

We need look no further than the east and one of our major university communities to find a thread that can become the fabric of assistance to our economy.

Forget the allegiances. Even if they are purple and gold.

In the East Carolina University community, a phrase was born within the last couple of decades: Pirates supporting Pirates.

It allows fans of the university, primarily its athletics teams, to easily recognize the businesses supporting the home team. As radio and television ads play, or newspaper and magazine ads appear, the catchphrase is often heard or seen.

It may or may not be unique. But it does work. And admittedly, rallying around the state’s third-largest university isn’t too difficult. Scores of Pirates are in Vance County, plus Tar Heels, Wolfpackers, Blue Devils and others.

We’ve got a great deal to offer in Henderson. We’ve got a number of entities working for us, more of which are not elected or appointed than are decided by votes.

Maybe the catchphrase will be hard to find. Henderson supporting Henderson doesn’t roll into the ears like Pirates supporting Pirates. Not yet anyway.

But that’s the idea we need to replicate. We need faith in our growth potential.

We need more positive actions and words than what we’ve gotten since a decline rooted in changes to the textile industry.

This isn’t an overnight change, nor is it a process that requires exacting parameters to be met. It can start happening as soon as we wish.

We’ve got to buy in. We’ve got to invest in us. Our actions should show our development ideas are tied to what we have to offer, or what we want to offer, and we’re going to go through our people and businesses to achieve them. Let’s generate new people and new businesses.

Henderson supporting Henderson. Vance County supporting Vance County.

If we don’t see, appreciate and market the opportunities, who will?

If we don’t set the example, shopping and developing local first, who will?

If effort for solutions pales in contrast to blame for our woes, why should we feel our community would change?

Great moments are born from great opportunity. Progress will assure a bottoming out is behind us, with brighter days ahead.