Editorial: Volunteers enhance Tri-County

Apr. 05, 2014 @ 11:15 PM

On the occasion of being named our community’s citizen of the year, Dr. Bev Tucker told a warm, approving audience a little more than a year ago, “Henderson is a very giving place. If we give to it, it gives back to us, and I would urge all of you to do just that.”

His words, so simple and yet so true, should always echo in our hearts.

He’s one of many who has set the standard around us. Some do so quietly and in near anonymity. But no matter how, when or where, volunteers are incredibly instrumental to Vance County’s vision, vitality and variety.

Today through Saturday is National Volunteer Week. We join millions across the country in recognizing volunteers and encouraging others to join the inspirational successes. We hope to bring some of those stories to our pages this week.

Industries, mom and pop stores, education systems, civic opportunities — they are all key ingredients to our identity. Volunteers, both individuals and organizations, form a backbone of service beyond those recognizable staples.

Without them, our community would be crippled.

Working together, we meet challenges, accomplish goals, take action and make the way for change. We are so much stronger collectively as opposed to individually.

The future of the Tri-County is bright because we know volunteers will be there. We will remain entrenched with a nucleus of people who care and who are productive.

The estimate of volunteers coast to coast is nearly 65 million, about 20 percent of the population. We estimate Vance, Warren and Granville counties, if mirroring that average, have more than 20,000 making a difference for all of us.

Time and again, volunteers step forward and try to make this a better place to live now and in the future.

The list of entities in our communities who gladly accept volunteer efforts is long. Perhaps some require a few prerequisites. But if there’s a willing heart, there will be a place for willing hands to help.

There’s never a bad time to step up and help. It is the effort that is always appreciated. The ways are many.

It is the work of the ordinary among us that raises our community to extraordinary.