Letter: Volunteering makes a difference

Apr. 05, 2014 @ 11:02 PM

To the editor:

The feature article (“Expanding their horizons,” March 23) on Levi Shelton’s successful book drive for foster children underscored what a caring community like Henderson can achieve, coming together as a group to help their neighbors. I feel proud to be a part of such an undertaking and also in my role as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer.

The GAL is an integral part of a team of social workers, medical personnel, foster parents, legal specialists and the court system. Our job is to focus on the needs of the children placed in foster care and report to the court each time the case comes up for review.

We visit the children regularly and maintain constant contact with appropriate personnel when the need arises. I have watched as children, who suffered years of abuse and neglect, grow into happy, secure young people in the care of dedicated foster parents, free to concentrate on being themselves, playing games and learning new skills, they become contributing members of society.

Volunteering as a GAL has met my criteria as a volunteer: to be treated as a professional, be an integral part of a team and, more importantly, to be able to make a valuable contribution the community.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Guardian ad Litem should contact the Henderson office at (252) 430-5121 or the Louisburg office at (919) 497-3010.

Rachel Godfrey