Letter: Teach children about politics

Apr. 05, 2014 @ 10:59 PM

To the editor:

Our children are like sponges and soak up bits and pieces of what they are exposed to; however, it is up to us to expose them to the importance of the political machinery that surrounds them and dictates so much of their future. Our kids have the best of the best in regards to technology, facilities and instructors to help them become world class leaders of tomorrow.

In my opinion one of the biggest challenges facing young people today is good solid leadership in all levels of government. Exclude local and federal for a moment and look at what a mess our legislature is trying to make with public education.

I believe public education is in more danger of political destruction than it has ever been. These perpetrators need to go back to their home counties.

Look at what poor leadership may allow Duke Energy to get by with due to their coal ash spills. Duke and North Carolina regulators have known for decades these hazards would have to be addressed at some point in time. Regulations and preventative measures should have long since been in place. What other hazardous situations like this are out there waiting to bite us in the backside?

This is poor or no planning.

Someone is asleep at the wheel in Raleigh. This is as bad or worse than drunk driving. Teach your kids the importance of reading about what is happening and learning to vote for responsible candidates through Voters Against Poor Performing Politicians. Votes do count and sometimes they may require a re-count.

Claiborne Woods