Editorial: Partnerships advantageous for us all

Mar. 01, 2013 @ 05:36 PM

We’re not sure what constitutes a bad donation, but we certainly know a good one when we see it.

And not everybody has an ambulance.

Vance County’s commissioners did. With nine years of service under its hood, an ambulance used by the county will now continue in service at Vance-Granville Community College as an aid to training emergency medical service students.

The timing is incredible for Randy Owen, the coordinator and an instructor in the program. Three years ago, the program had about 80 students. Nearly 130 were enrolled in 2012. This year is projected to include about 180.

As for the county, Harold Henrich, the fire chief, said he has about 80 full-time, part-time and volunteer personnel. And Henrich said they’ve all been trained at the college.

Partnerships work.

• Henderson’s elected leadership is making the tough call on city utility deposits. Likely, they’re going to go up.

A year ago, the council voted to bring them down. But reviewing losses for unpaid use is spurring the change. Ray Griffin, the city manager, said deposits are simply not covering the losses.

When that happens, all of us must pay — either directly within utilities, or elsewhere in city services. We think the council is wise to be sure losses are covered on the front end.

• And finally, we offer hearty “Congratulations!” this week to all those receiving votes in the recently completed Best of Vance 2012.

The Dispatch readers voted for their favorites in a slew of categories. In thumbing through the 44-page special section that appeared this past Sunday, it was evident both locally owned businesses and those operated by regional or national chains are stakeholders in the good of our community.

We’re happy all of them are here, and hope the section is a reminder to other businesses considering locating or relocating about the goodness that is Henderson and Vance County.

The people here are good patrons, and will certainly support their favorites.

In case you missed it, the section is available online at hendersondispatch.com. From the homepage, just scroll down and look to the right side just below our tweets and daily calendar listing.