Letter: Ideas for developing recreation

Feb. 25, 2013 @ 03:54 PM

To the Editor:

A recent front page story (“Master plan sought,” Feb. 15) had non-connected photo alongside (“Catching air,”) showing Randall Haskins of Oxford enjoying the sport of skateboarding.

It’s ironic because no media mention had been made of a skateboard park for Henderson that I am aware of, though it’s mentioned in a handout summary of a proposed fiscal year budget dispensed by the recreation commission chairman.

Though not on a master plan per se, it does appear under budget item 10-620, Parks Development and Improvements Plan as needed (though I question the word needed) for fiscal years 2017.

On Dec. 13 at a Henderson-Vance Recreation and Parks Commission meeting,

members present were given a two-page, legal size form titled “Henderson/Vance Recreation 2013 Long-Short Range Goal” that required in-depth deliberation and research, and “required submission of the form by the member at that time.”

If a “master plan” were indeed needed, local community colleges or business courses have been known to give such projects to students as a potential graded project.

My request is that our recreation commission with or without a “master plan” begin with the question, “What can be done to bring the type of activity to the community that would build self-esteem, self-respect, that would not be expensive to the community, that would be inclusive to all of the community, regardless of income, social status, and that would shed favorable light on the community?”

My response would be to allocate funding as needed, and the financing officials already have some idea what it costs to build tennis courts like Fox Pond (public). Peace Park, though private, could perhaps be leased by the City of Henderson for a reasonable price in an “understanding community.”

Remember: Serena, and Venus Williams, world-ranked tennis players, came from a similar community setting of a community with more haves than have-nots.

Daniel A. Young Sr.