Letter: Wake up to reality on minimum wage

Feb. 16, 2013 @ 07:19 PM

To the Editor:

During the State of the Union address I was excited to hear President Obama speak about the reality of the “minimum wage.”

The minimum wage was established to ensure every citizen and family could earn enough to provide at least the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. However, the laughable $7.25 per hour or even the $9 proposed by President Obama doesn’t represent what our governments really believe about what the minimum wage should be.

Last year I calculated the relative annual cost of a first year state of North Carolina employee hired at the very bottom of the state pay scale. In the calculation I included the value of all benefits (health, retirement, sick, vacation, etc.), and the results were shameful.

In order for a minimum wage worker to earn the equivalent benefit of the lowest paid state employee, he or she would have to work more than 90 hours per week. This is a physical and mental impossibility for most, and certainly makes a normal family life impossible for them and their children.

The realities of the minimum wage statutes are little more than a system of slavery that keeps the masses focused on survival and unengaged in the process of government. It promotes crime and all other sorts of social ills. Clearly, if government really believed that the current minimum wage was adequate, they would have their starting employee pay scales reflect it. Truth!

I ask you to wake up to the reality of how the “system” really works, and acknowledge how desperately we need to change. Many will say we can’t afford it, thinking only of the cost and not the lives affected, even their own. But the long-term savings to the public in reduced entitlements will be massive. It is an opportunity for redemption.

Gary Morgan