Editorial: Keep prom season joyful, not tragic

Apr. 18, 2013 @ 03:44 PM

Curls will be exact, colors just the right hue, shoes shined and ties adjusted without a blackened collar.

Prom brings the pomp that is teenage fun and frolic. Around the Tri-County area, safe to say, we’ve entered prom season.

Saturday will be Kerr-Vance Academy and the Vance County Early College High School. In two weeks it will be Northern Vance and Western Vance, and three weeks after that it’s Southern. Others are mixed in.

Oh, the joy.

And honestly, the pensive nerves and tension-filled waits. Not to see if she’ll kiss at the end of the date — that’s the extra.

We’re talking parents at home. And not necessarily due to the actions of their children.

It is what else is out there, particularly when it comes to our roads and safe driving, that worries. The law of averages is climbing against teen drivers. Before cellphones, we worried about them being on the roads and possibly they or someone else they encounter having had alcohol to drink.

That possibility is still there.

But now, the scope has widened. Texting is forbidden while driving. But so, too, was drinking alcohol. And being careless.

Voice of reason or just being a wet blanket? We’re never wanting to rain on anyone’s parade, or the most joyous high school events.

But we also don’t want our staff writing stories between now and graduation about lives lost, horrific debilitating crashes, or anything else that dampens this festive time of the year.

All we offer is for our youngsters to be responsible, to be smart like we know they are, and to take care of themselves and those around them. Turning a head to someone else’s bad choice isn’t the answer; speak up and respectfully encourage that which we all know is right. Stay away from wrong.

Parents have the most responsibility — it all starts at home. But we’re also behind the respective public and private schools getting the encouraging word out to students. And it doesn’t have to be tied to prom — good messages are not bound by any season.

So wipe down the pollen on the chariot, make sure of the little things for date night and have an awesome time. We’re looking forward to everyone living to tell about it.