Editorial: Mail delivery, helping farmers and libraries

Apr. 13, 2013 @ 08:35 PM

Can’t fight City Hall? The U.S. Postal Service would add fighting Congress is no cinch either. Even if they are divided beyond imagination.

Looks like Saturday mail delivery will continue. The Postal Service conceded this week it had gambled and lost.

What is not resolved, however, is how the agency will remain fiscally afloat. Without the ability to impose reductions and come up with new revenues, the Postal Service continues mired in red ink.

Whether we’re for or against Saturday mail delivery, nobody can argue they didn’t try. And in that, there is something.

• Vance County commissioners came close, but with regard to the Farmers Market, they didn’t blow it.

To be more exact, they didn’t blow more than $400,000.

Every government is strapped for dollars, and in making his pitch for a joint solution to a funding gap, Pete Burgess warned commissioners the state could take what was already there for a Farmers Market building if the project didn’t continue forward. Timing deadlines are also in play.

So he came forth with a simple pitch, really. The board of directors from the Farm Bureau would ante up another $50,000 if the commissioners would meet them with another $50,000. That would provide $550,000, an amount for a compromise on building design and amenities after the original $729,750 price tag.

Bear in mind, commissioners had already put in $30,000, and then were able to keep it when the amount was covered. Chairman Tommy Hester confirmed it hasn’t been spent.

So commissioners were essentially adding $20,000 to get a $550,000 project.

Twenty thousand for a half-a-million asset? We think that’s a good deal.

• The American Library Association is proudly celebrating National Library Week Sunday through next Saturday.

Henderson and Vance County is blessed to have Perry Memorial Library in the heart of downtown. The library has hopped around locations since the doors first opened, but will this September be celebrating 90 years of service.

Whether it is the Warren County Memorial Library, the Norlina Public Library or the Thornton Library in Oxford, all of the Tri-County is blessed to have these great resources. Check them out this week for possible activities.