Letter: Remembering a true friend

Aug. 18, 2014 @ 06:56 PM

To the editor:

When I first went to work in 1976 with the Granville-Vance District Health Department in the Vance office, I had the opportunity to meet and work with a small staff of approximately 25 very good and nice people.

It all began with Dr. Charles Rollins, who was the director at the time; Ruth Bennett Perry, who became my management support supervisor; Linda Stout; Blanche Cheatham; Ruby Spruill; Florine Ratliff; Gladys Henderson; and Mitchell Terry Arnold, environmental health supervisor.

These are the ones who helped shape me as a person, and were always willing to help and teach me as I started my 32½ years in public health and are now deceased.

The most recent death of Arnold, who passed away on May 18, was so unexpected by so many and I am sure that he is missed by all that loved and got to know him over the years. He was truly an asset to all the people in Granville and Vance counties. He always had a smile or kind word. He was a gentleman, and a gentle man.

Terry spent 31 years working in environmental health in both counties, and he always had the respect of his co-workers in all departments.

Terry met his future wife Angie there and they lived a good life together for 17 years.

It is sad that many of the people I got to know and respect have left us, but no name mentioned has ever been forgotten. They are so important to me not only as co-workers but as friends. Terry was a true friend.

He was one of the good guys, and will be remembered by those who loved him as well as the ones that spent so many years working with him at the health department.

Nancy O. Bell