Editorial: Impressive training helps community

Oct. 26, 2013 @ 11:38 PM

When The Dispatch learned of a recent training session for the staff of emergency operations, we knew a good story was awaiting our readers.

Brian Short, the director, explained the significant difference in an active shooter situation and something along the lines of a person with a weapon in a location.

Active shooter situations are what we saw in the same newspaper on the national page. In a Nevada middle school, a student began firing and killed a teacher, wounded students and took his life.

Active shooter would also describe Sandy Hook Elementary School, a theater in Colorado and other places coast to coast.

Active shooters are different because the situation involves a plan to kill, destroy or terrorize until all are killed, ammunition is spent or the shooter is killed. Tactical training now is to go at the active shooter until they are stopped, even including killing.

Where we were impressed was another level of our protection services was gaining valuable training.

We’ve got advanced levels of training happening around us quite often. Our police, deputies, firemen and medical personnel are regularly gaining knowledge.

And the payoff is great.

It is not just in the awards that some have won. Nor is it completely in the statistical backing of a crime index rate that is going down.

Whenever we make the call to Short’s team, at 911, we can have confidence and peace of mind. The care and concern, the effort to get it right, is never in question.

Just watching on a tour of the operations center is fascinating. Calls come in, and while one set of ears listens to the caller, another voice is dispatching the required agency and people. It is seamless. Computer prompts help get the best information to the responders through questions to the caller.

When the agencies are on the scene, there’s another choreography equally fascinating.

It starts with the person, and what is within them, and it grows through the training, through the leadership in place and through the camaraderie of the teams.

Not every community has such a luxury. But it’s another reason we’re glad to call Henderson home.