Editorial: Cars’ splendor will illuminate on Garnett

Oct. 17, 2013 @ 11:17 PM

Saturday morning, before dawn, the line will be forming.

Garnett Street’s prime spaces for the Show, Shine, Shag & Dine don’t last long. But Garnett is lengthy, and that’s a good thing when tens of thousands are destined to arrive.

They’ll be coming from all over. We’re talking the deepest parts of the Southeast and north past the zoo otherwise known as Washington, D.C. We’ve had folks before from near and beyond the Mississippi.

Stroll up or down Garnett, look left and right, and chances are going to be good baby boomers and older will get a tune in their head.

Perhaps it will be the one shared with a special someone. It could just be the name of the car that will trigger the memory.

But hot rods, muscle cars and more will be shined and displayed. We’re confident of finding a hot rod with an engine block clean enough to eat from and still getting shined as the morning turns to afternoon.

We encourage more than just stargazing at the machines.

Take a moment to ask the story behind them with the owners. Most don’t up and volunteer too much, but if asked, they’ve got great tales to share.

The serious of the bunch will probably even tell of a little bit of racing back in the day, and not on an official strip. Ah, memories.

There’s competition at this car show. Not all the cars on Garnett will be entered, but that’s no matter. One look at the pride in an owner’s eye will confirm they’re all winners anyway.

And Henderson will be a winner, too.

The hotels are booked, the restaurants are ready and there’ll be some incidental spending as well. Granted, some of our downtown merchants don’t benefit at all from the event and actually lose a bit.

But their graciousness and patience is to be commended. After all, there are probably some people who would just like to get a quiet spot at Kerr Lake on July 4th — and we know that isn’t happening either.

We’re glad to welcome the cars and the cruisers. We hope their stay is enjoyable, and we look forward to the show.

Charge up the camera phones. Garnett Street will be hopping this weekend.