Editorial: Important decisions, little input

Oct. 11, 2013 @ 07:17 PM

Next time you’re in a group of 10, maybe a Sunday school class or watching a ball game this afternoon, pick out one other person. That’ll make two, and that’s more on average out of 10 than went to vote on Tuesday for city representatives.

For all the talk about misrepresentation or the lack of it in Raleigh and Washington, the strongest connection to lawmakers is to those we voted for on Tuesday. We can see and talk to these people more at the grocery stores, restaurants, school events, civic clubs, etc., than any of the others.

By comparison to state and federal elected officials, local politicians are far more trusted. Yet fewer of us bother to go out and vote in these off-year elections. We were less than 15 percent turnout this past week.

But raise our water rates or taxes, or don’t fix our streets or blighted areas, and we’ll be hollering.

From our corner here, it remains a head-scratcher.

• Farmland still abounds in Vance County, as well as neighboring Warren and Granville.

We like the commerce secretary’s idea of injecting life back into our rural ways. Sharon Decker’s stop in Warrenton this past week was long on encouragement and praise, even if we have seen plenty of activity by General Assembly members that appear to give more help to urban areas.

Tourism here isn’t bad, with Kerr Lake drawing more than 1 million annually and about 30,000-plus descending next weekend. But a stable backbone is elusive and needed.

We’re hopeful she heard the message of our leaders’ questions and together they’ll supply all of us with answers.

• Hats off to Cliff Preddy, the most recent recipient of the Henderson Fire Department’s top firefighter award.

The four-year veteran offered gratitude to those around him, including other firemen and leaders within the department. The staff is well trained and committed, and as is typical, most said any number of department members would have been deserving of the award.

The department’s door-to-door inspections crank up next week and are worth the few minutes of time they look around and offer tips.