Letter: Duke Energy greedy

Jul. 27, 2013 @ 05:57 PM

To the editor:

Let me tell you about Duke Energy’s progress.

In October 2011, we moved into a newly built apartment complex for senior citizens in Henderson. We arranged for electric service with Progress Energy, without problems, and paid our deposit and bill monthly. I am a senior citizen with very limited income, only Social Security, which I receive on the 3rd of each month. The due date for my power bill is the 2nd of each month, causing me to be a day or two late each month. Even so, after the appropriate time we were credited with our deposit.

In April of 2013, a handicap friendly apartment became available in a different building on the same street, which we opted to take. I am 86 years old and confined to a wheelchair. I contacted Progress Energy and was assured there would be no problem transferring my account to another building on the same street.

After completing our move, I contacted the power company, now Duke Energy Progress, and was assured that the transfer had been made with no problem. Not so. The bill for May service was sent in June to the apartment, in its name. Same for the June bill in July. When we contacted Duke Energy, we were informed because of our payments being a day or two late, the account had been cancelled and we would have to reapply for service and pay a deposit of $150, almost double our original deposit. We tried to have our due date changed, but could not. After much discussion with Duke Energy, we have been assured the matter is resolved with the payment of the deposit.

And now they are asking for a rate increase. My opinion is that their new name should be Duke Energy Greed!

Ida Russell