Editorial: Disagreement on the options; local goodness

Jul. 26, 2013 @ 10:27 PM

The big yard and building on the corner of Providence and Industry in Oxford will soon be home to a vacancy.

The Biofuels Center of North Carolina is there now, but destined for closure as a result of the Republican-led N.C. General Assembly. It is not alone. Many nonprofit operations throughout the state, which got their start or drew their strongest backing from liberal and Democratic support, are facing big changes.

The changes might include termination, too.

More than $10 million in 71 projects have gone through the center’s statewide operation in the past five years. The project had potential, creating a market for a crop grown in North Carolina in an environmentally friendly production.

“If you have something that is working, you keep it going,” said former state Rep. Jim Crawford Jr., one of the architects of the project.

The budget out of Raleigh didn’t agree, with purse strings tightened as promised in last fall’s campaigns.

• They’ve nearly wound down, but summer camps have been plentiful and well received in the area this summer. We’re impressed.

Back in May, at a Community Watch gathering, a question was raised about things for youth to do. We’re glad to see that these scores of summer camps and recreational opportunities, far more than our staff has visited, are there for the children.

Hard as it is to imagine, a Grand Canyon-like gulf often exists between some kids in our modest-sized city and not even a mile away on farms. Experiencing places of travel, such as mission trips are great, but sometimes making “home” a mission works real well, too.

• Congratulations are extended to all those helping put on the annual Ridgeway Cantaloupe Festival last weekend.

The Ridgeway Historical Society and the Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Department are the dual backbones making it happen. But there’s plenty more involvement worth mentioning, from those that went and patronized to those who came as vendors and created attractions. In between are a bunch of helpers.

Best of all, the history of the crossroads community is kept alive. Ridgeway has, was and can be always known for the melons from surrounding fields. The festival is a good way to embrace that heritage.

The tasty eats on a hot July Saturday are just extra.