Letter: Paying taxes should be required

Jul. 20, 2013 @ 10:06 PM

To the editor:

The time to file for office is now closed. Now starts the public questioning of the candidates.

It is the opinion of more than a simple majority of registered voters that elected public office holders (city council, county commissioner or school board) are expected to pay their property taxes (personal, business, partnership, associations, etc.) when due.

As an elected city council member you are the voters’ representatives. As the voters’ representative, you will be called upon to award a zoning change, champion a state or federal grant, recommend a roadway expansion or routing, approve the use of privately owned property for a public event, approve the sale of property and much more. All of your votes will benefit an individual(s) or their business(es), plus the public at large.

I hope to hear each candidate for Henderson City Council answer a few questions from the public:

• Do you agree that elected public office holders should pay their property taxes when due?

• Did you pay your property taxes in full on or before the due date?

• Should the ones benefiting from your decision be required to demonstrate that the property taxes for themselves, their business, or their association have paid in full on or before the due date?

I yield my time to the next citizen with a question for city council candidates.

Michael Bobbitt